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Eladi Kera Tailam By Arya Vaidya Sala

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Read below to understand more about Eladi kera tailam:
Eladi Kera Tailam Uses and Benefits
Directions To Use Eladi Kera Tailam
Eladi Kera Tailam Side Effects
Eladi Kera Tailam Ingredients

Eladi Kera Tailam Uses and Benefits

  1. Eladi Kera Tailam is an ayurvedic medicated oil used for skin diseases - urticaria, scabies and itches, ring worm infection, allergic dermatitis etc
  2. Removes dryness of skin
  3. Useful for children in boils, eczema, erysipelas, etc
  4. Improves complexion and texture of skin
  5. Good massage oil for babies
  6. Effective in case of hair problems such as dandruff
  7. Treats ear ache, defective teeth, gums and mouth related ailments
  8. Balances vata and kapha dosha

Directions To Use Eladi Kera Tailam

  1. This oil is only for external usage. Not for internal use.
  2. For skin diseases, apply the oil on the affected area and wash it off after half an hour
  3. For improving the skin complexion and texture, apply it all over the face and whole body
  4. Apply it on head in case of chronic catarrh
  5. Keep it away from eye contact

Eladi Kera Tailam Side Effects

  1. No side effects as such. Free from paraffins, parabens, silicones, harmful chemicals, phthalates, synthetic colors etc
  2. Trusted as a unique polyherbal formulation, made of natural ingredients
  3. For baby's massage, first apply a little oil on the baby's arm to watch for a few minutes if there is any rash, itching or any kind of allergic reaction. In case of reaction, avoid it. If not, continue with the massage.

Eladi Kera Tailam Ingredients

The main ingredient of this Tailam is Cardamom and it has coconut oil as base. The herbs (given below) are boiled in the coconut oil to get eladi kera tailam.

Note: Eladi kera tailam is different from eladi tailam which has sesame oil as the base. The usage is same though.

Ingredients Qty
Keratailam - Coconut Oil 10 ml
Sprikka - Anisomeles malabarica 0.044 g
Turushka - Hydnocarpus laurifolia  0.044 g
Dhyamaka  0.044 g
Choraka - Angelica archagelica 0.044 g
Elayugma (chacun) - Cardamom 0.044 g
Chanda - Costus speciosus 0.044 g
Jala 0.044 g
Tagara - Valeriana wallichii 0.044 g
Jatamansi - Nardostachys jatamansi 0.044 g
Chocha 0.044 g
Kushtha - Saussurea lappa 0.044 g
Patra 0.044 g
Phalini - Callicarpa macrophylla 0.044 g
Srivasaka - Pinus longifolia 0.044 g
Sukti - Ostrea edulis 0.044 g
Jati - Myristica fragrans 0.044 g
Amarahva  0.044 g
Sthauneya - Taxus baccata 0.044 g
Devadhupa - Shorea robusta 0.044 g
Rasa - Commiphora myrrha 0.044 g
Vya ghranakha - Capparis sepiaria 0.044 g
Nagahva - Mesua ferrea 0.044 g
Punnaga - Calophyllum inophyllum 0.044 g
Guggulu - Commiphora mukul 0.044 g
Khapura - Boswellia serrata 0.044 g
Kumkuma – Saffron – Crocus sativus 0.017 g
Kerikshiram 10 ml


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Manufacturer Arya vaidya sala
Brand This product is available from Arya vaidya sala
Weight The Weight of this product is 200 Ml
Sales Package 1 per order

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