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Kudos Ime 9 For Diabetes Control

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Diabetes affects 62 million Indians and that makes India 3rd largest diabetic population in the world. IME-9 has been developed by Kudos and then tested by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (C.C.R.A.S.) and then approved by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. IME is an abbreviation for Insulin Management Expert.

Given the huge reported and much larger unreported patients of diabetes, Indian government has taken cognizance and its working with various companies to develop products to curb such diseases. Please do note that it has been tested on 800 patients before the government gave approval.

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Kudos Ime 9 For Diabetes Control Benefits

You will see a significant improvement in the following metrics -

  1. Reduction in Fasting Blood Sugar.
  2. Post Prandial Blood Sugar.
  3. HbAIC.

It also acts as an anti-oxidant, also helps in curbing thirst, Fatigue, Urination and Hunger.

Kudos Ime 9 For Diabetes Control Use

One Capsule two times a day, half an hour before meals or as directed by the physician. It is recommended that you take it for 3 months to see the effect. For 3 months, you will need 540 tablets or, 9 bottles of Kudos IME 9

Kudos Ime 9 For Diabetes Control Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that are used to prepare this -

Sanskrit NameEnglish NameBenefits
AmraMangifera indicaIt is made up of Carotenoids, Polyphenols, Magniferrin, Gallic Acid derivatives, Triterpenoids, Tannins & easily digestible dietary fibres. They enhance insulin generation from beta cells.
KarelaMomordica charantia LinnIt's compounds are Charantin -lowers blood glucose, Polypeptide-P-A - it acts like insulin and enhances the production of insulin by Beta cells.
GudmarGymnema sylvestreIt is a native plant of India and contains Gymnemic-Acid and Gymnema saponins that suppress sweetness in human beings.
JamunSyzygium cumini (Linn.) SkeelsIt is also a native plant to India and contains Mycaminose. This helps reduce increase in sugar levels immediately after food consumption.
ShilajitAsphaltumShilajit is also known as conqueror of rock given its ayurvedic use. Its has 85 ionic constituents and looks like a brown Tar. It is available in Himalayan range. It's used to control diabetes and other ailments via Ayurvedic techniques for thousands of years.


There are few other ingredients not included in table above like Sodium Propyl paraben, Sodium methylparaben, Excipients Q.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kudos IME9 work?

These tablets help in the following -

  1. Regenerates beta cells
  2. Increases time in intestinal absorption
  3. Helps with acceptance of insulin in body
  4. Reduces overall sugar cravings
  5. Increases insulin production

+ See Kudos Ime 9 For Diabetes Control in Hindi - कूडोस IME 9 Please Note:All products sold on Shimply are brand new and 100% genuine. International Customers, please see details


Brand This product is available from Kudos
Weight The Weight of this product is 200 Gm
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Nimer preet Singh
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