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Mahanarayana Thailam 200 Ml By Kerala Ayurveda

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To know about every aspect of Mahanarayana Thailam, please read below -

Mahanarayana Thailam Uses and Benefits
Mahanarayana Thailam Dosage and Application
Mahanarayana Thailam Side Effects
Mahanarayana Thailam Ingredients

Mahanarayana Thailam Uses and Benefits

  1. Mahanarayana Thailam is a medicated ayurvedic oil which is very effective in cases of arthritic disorders, mainly osteoarthritis. It provides strength to the bones and muscles, enables joint flexibility, reduces inflammation of the joints and also gives relief from knee pain. 
  2. It pacifies vata and pitta dosha and is widely recommended for use in many vala related disorders mainly related to nerves, muscles, joints and bones. Hence, used in the treatment of facial paralysis, tremor, paraplegia, hemiplegia, cervical spondylosis, locked jaw, female infertility, deafness, headache, fever, intestinal gas and bloating, schizophrenia, toothache etc.
  3. It is also used in many ayurvedic treatments like nasya, basti etc.

Mahanarayana Thailam Dosage and Application

Mahanarayana Thailam can be used both internally and externally. 

Oral Usage - In case of adults, about 5 ml (one teaspoon) is given once or twice a day before food with warm milk or water. In case of children, the dosage is 2.5 ml (about half a teaspoon). Its oral usage should not be continued for a period of more than 3-4 months.

External Usage - It is applied externally on the affected area and massaged for about 40 minutes for effective results. It can be used externally for a long time.

Mahanarayana Thailam Side Effects

Mahanarayana Thailam should only be given to those having a good appetite. In case somebody doesn't have a good appetite, facing low digestive power or suffering from an AMA condition like rheumatoid arthritis, then the oral intake of this oil can worsen their condition resulting in further loss of appetite, restlessness etc.

External usage of this oil is safe without any side-effect.

Mahanarayana Thailam Ingredients

Ingredients Qty
Herbs for Decoction  
Tribulus terrestris - Gokshura 1 kg
Erythrina variegate - Paribhadra - Neem 1 kg
Aegle marmelos - Bilva - Bael (root) 1 kg
Solanum indicum - Brihati – Indian Nightshade (root)  1 kg
Oroxylum indicum - Shyonaka  1 kg
Withania somnifera - Ashwagandha - Indian ginseng  1 kg
Boerhaavia diffusa - Kathila - Punarnava 1 kg
Paederia foetida - Prasarini 1 kg
Premna corymbosa / mucronata Root - Agnimantha  1 kg
Sterospermum suaveolens - Patala – Trumpet (root)  1 kg
Abutilon indicum - Atibala 1 kg
Solanum xanthocarpum - Kshudra  1 kg
Sida cordifolia - Country mallow (root) - Bala 1 kg
Water to make decoction 100 ltr
Base Oil  
Asparagus racemosus - Shatavari Juice 6.4 ltr
Sesamum Indicum - Sesame Oil (Til Tail) 6.4 ltr
Goat Milk or Cow's Milk 6.4 ltr
Herbs for Kalka (Paste)  
Anethum sowa - Mishi – Indian Dill (fruit)  100 gms
Saussurea lappa - Kushta  100 gms
Uraria picta - Prishniparni – Root  100 gms
Pluchea lanceolata - Rasna 100 gms
Cedrus deodara - Daru - Himalayan Cedar (bark)  100 gms
Desmodium gangeticum - Shalaparni  100 gms
Teramnus labialis Spreng - Mashaparni  100 gms
Phaseolus trilobus - Mudgaparni 100 gms
Mesua ferrea - Nagakeshara  100 gms
Curcuma Longa - Turmeric Rhizome - Haridra  100 gms
Withania somnifera - Indian Ginseng (root) - Ashwagandha  100 gms
Aquilaria agallocha - Agaru 100 gms
Rock Salt - Sendha Namak 100 gms
Berberis aristata - Daruhaldi 100 gms
Nardostachys jatamansi - Spikenard root 100 gms
Parmelia perlata - Shaileya  100 gms
Pterocarpus santalinus - Chandana  100 gms
Rubia cordifolia - Indian Madder (root) - Manjishta 100 gms
Inula racemosa - Pushkara  100 gms
Valeriana wallichi - Indian Valerian (root) - Tagara  100 gms
Elettaria cardamomum - Cardamom - Elaichi 100 gms
Cyperus rotundus - Nut grass (root) - Abda  100 gms
Glycyrrhiza glabra - Licorice - Yashtimadhu (Mulethi) 100 gms
Cinnamomum tamala - Tejpata 100 gms
Eclipta alba - Bhringaraja 100 gms
Ashtavargam Herbs  
Meda 100 gms
Kakoli 100 gms
Vriddhi 100 gms
Jivaka (Jeevak) 100 gms
Mahameda 100 gms
Ksheera kakoli 100 gms
Riddhi 100 gms
Rishabhaka (Rishabhi) 100 gms
Butea monosperma - Palash 100 gms
Angelica glauca - Choraka 100 gms
Pavonia odorata - Ambu, Gandhbala 100 gms
Boerhavia erecta - Pandhari Punarnava (Shweta) 100 gms
Clerodendrum infortunatum - Titabhamt 100 gms
Acorus calamus - Vacha - Sweet Flag 100 gms
Kasturi (Musk) 50 gms
Cinnamomum camphor - Karpur 50 gms
Crocus Sativus - Saffron - Kesar 50 gms

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Manufacturer Kerala Ayurveda
Brand This product is available from Kerala Ayurveda
Weight The Weight of this product is 200 Ml
Sales Package 1
Number of Contents in Sales Package 200 Ml

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Rekha Prahalad Rao
Rekha Prahalad Rao
It has helped in my musculoskeletal pain. Though the smell is unbearable compared to a Hana ray an a oil which has karpoor smell.
Rajinder Singh Kanda
Rajinder Singh Kanda
Good oil. Work better than other Mahanarayan oils. Reasonable price. I recommend this oil for arithrites, pains and swelling in joints, back and neck pains etc.
Very good oil.Effective. Resonable price. My mother (pyralysis) cure by massage this oil. Hiwevere my father also get relief from 'gathiya'
Lalit Mohan Sahoo
Lalit Mohan Sahoo
This review is not about product. Product is good and does its job. But my shopping experience with Shimply is not satisfactory. They just sent order & delivery confirmation. No status update in between via mail or sms. They didn't even sent tracking number. We have to login their site and check tracking number of the courier and do manual tracking. Shipping charge is very high i.e. Rs. 100 for a product costing Rs. 430. Packaging is average, could have been better. I won't shop again from Shimply if the product is available elsewhere.
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